Using LinkedIn Groups

How many of you have a LinkedIn profile that you never use or update?

If you do, be assured you are not alone. But it’s not the way to get the most out of LinkedIn.

I consider LinkedIn to be a social networking site instead of a social media site. Therefore engagement is particularly important. But you need to take care. People on Facebook and Twitter will accept a certain amount of selling. LinkedIn? Not so much.

LinkedIn groups are a good way to be engaged, without taking up too much of your valuable time. And without coming across as too “salesy.”

First, find a few groups to target. Look for groups in your industry or groups that cater to your client base. Join the group and lurk for a while. See what kinds of conversations are started and how people respond. Then start a conversation. Or contribute to one.

Do this on a regular basis, and people from the group will ask to connect to you. Remember that you can make a connection request, if you share a group, without needing the other person’s email address. Also, ask to connect to people with whom you have synergy.

A friend of mine starts discussions about marketing challenges, sees who responds with challenges he can address and then reaches out to those people to start a dialogue. He’s gotten several new clients that way.

Be careful, though. Don’t reach out to a new contact and immediately start selling. Use the connection as a way to start a conversation and begin a relationship.

I got my publisher through LinkedIn. He approached me. I didn’t approach him. How did he find me? Through a LinkedIn Group.

Try it. You will find it’s a useful way to add to your network. And find more clients!

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2 Responses to “Using LinkedIn Groups”

  1. John Soares says:

    Juli, I’ve just started putting much more effort into LinkedIn. I’m beginning to see just how useful it can be, especially for small business owners that serve professional clients scattered around the country or around the world.

  2. Juli Monroe says:

    John, I’m glad it’s starting to help you. Willing to share any specific strategies you’re using?