Social Media Questions and Answers

A few days ago, I was speaking to a group about social media, and they had lots of questions, many of which I have answered on this blog. Naturally, I suggested they drop by for more information, but it occurred to me that many of my answers to common questions are fairly old posts.

So here’s a link post with common social media questions and answers. If this goes over well, I’ll do another one next week on face to face networking.

How often can/should I post to Social Media?

Is it better to follow lists or people on Twitter?

Why should I use LinkedIn Groups?

Is LinkedIn Premium worth it?

How do I manage my time in Social Media?

What’s all that weird stuff on Twitter mean?

How do I thank someone for a Retweet?

What are some crazy things people believe about social media?

What’s this “Mention” thing on Twitter and how does it work?

I heard there was more than one way to Retweet. Explain?

What do you think? Was this helpful?


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